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In the age of ever-increasing internet usage, I think its more important then ever to be aware of who is seeing the information we share (or don’t) Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook to name a few have been using the surveillance capitalism business model since almost day one. In short, this means instead of selling you services, they “give” them to you. In return they collect data from you that they sell for profit. Creepy huh? So, is Facebook really necessary? No! What about Google? Its hard to get away from them, but if you care enough, you can. Here are some ways to NOT USE GOOGLE. Google is the most used search engine in the world by far. They collect the data from your searches for profit as well as improving their search engine. So, is there a viable alternative to Google Search? Yes! Duck Duck Go, a privacy-oriented company launched around 2008 is just that! A search engine that doesn’t sell YOUR data. Yep you heard me right! They have options for windows, mac, android, and iOS. Duck Duck Go does not carry quite the convenience that Google does, but the benefits outweigh the inconveniences!

If you use Google Chrome on any of your devices try using FIREFOX instead. Firefox is an incredibly powerful browser that doesn’t sell YOUR data. You can install Duck Duck Go inside of Firefox for a completely Google less browsing experience!

Moving on to the infamous Gmail. Google Stated in 2018 that they had about 1.5 billion users. And What would make you think they are not crawling your emails for data to sell? (after all that’s their business) So why are you sacrificing privacy for something “free”. We have a solution for this as well. We recommend using your own email option though a company like ours to make sure your email isn’t running through Google’s SpyGlass. This email can be personalized with your own custom domain name and don’t have to have @gmail at the end of email address. This service costs a yearly fee but especially if you run a business, Its almost a must. Contact us for any email and internet privacy questions!

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