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The United states of America has a history of freedom dating back to 1776. This allows us to walk around without government controlling our every move. For this I am thankful, But with all this being questioned, am I still free? The answer is a resounding Yes! Jesus, My Savior, died to set me free from sin. His blood was shed and no amount of government control can take away this precious gift. He literally allowed them them to strip him naked, beat him, ridicule him, and ultimately nail him to a cross. For Me, For you and for anyone who believes on him, Wow!

This walk with Jesus is definitely no piece of cake, but compared to his sacrifice, our sacrifice is minute. Jesus enables us to fight from Victory. The Victory that he won, instead of fighting for victory and failing over and over again. If I can do one thing to share this with one struggling soul, my life has not been wasted. Jesus died for you! Share this message, maybe this sounds like an old message, but there are millions that still need to hear. Will you share what Jesus Did for You?

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