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What is MeWe?

MeWe is a social platform similar to Facebook with a hint of Snap Chat mixed in. Me’s and We’s are disapearing messages similar to Snap Chat. MeWe’s Claim to fame is privacy which is virtually the opposite on any other major social network. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

MeWe makes profit off a freemium based business model. For example, Business pages cost $1.99 per month and they offer a premium subscription for $4.99 per month. So they don’t make money off you unless you allow them to! (Link To Privacy Policy at the End)

Is MeWe a viable solution to Facebook?

MeWe is a little but clunky to get used to at first, but it is quite powerful with features such as… Posts, Story, Groups, Direct Message. Keep in mind, all this comes without ANY advertising accept for MeWe Upgrades! Another nice feature is that you can react to a post with almost any emoji instead of just the few Facebook offers.

Now we break it down…


  1. Privacy Oriented
  2. No Advertising accept for MeWe Upgrades
  3. React with Multiple emojis
  4. Not Censored By Big Tech


  1. Steep Learning Curve
  2. Not an option for live video, (comment if you know of one)
  3. Not many of my friends use it.
  4. Lacking a marketplace option.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Yes! Invite Your Friends To join MeWe and cut your ties to the Power-Hungry Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) MeWE has over 1 Million Downloads and Counting! If you must manage an Facebook Business, Only post business content. If you want to take it one step further, ask a business partner that still uses Facebook to Manage the page and add you your email as an admin. then you wouldn’t even need a Facebook Account!

Links, Visit MeWe and Sign Up Privacy Policy here

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